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In our terrace you can enjoy a simple appetizer by the sea or eat one of our typically Mediterranean dishes among which you can find grilled white fish, sardines, mussels or beautiful red prawns … And if you prefer to tapas, you are in the perfect place, you can order half portions and so you can taste more varieties like chipirones, “pescaítos”, Creole chorizo with “chimichurri” or the authentic Tabulé Magrebí …

Of course we do not miss in our menu the traditional patatas bravas, the typical Spanish omelette or the Andalusian gazpacho.

In addition, our homemade desserts  by Carmen, the owner of the establishment, which will make you feel at home.

Here you can consult our menu:

Our Menu


French fries4,20€
Hot potatoes4,70€
“Pimientos de Padrón”5,70€
Fried fish7,60€
Grilled sardines8,90€
Fried squids


Bettered squids8,30€
Grilled Squids8,00€
Grilled Cuttlefish8,90€
Grilled prawns15,60€
Octopus – Galician style16,90€
Grilled octopus17,90€
Steamed mussels7,60€
Mussels – “Marinera” style8,60€
Sea gilthead/Sea bass grilled13,70€
Grilled “Navajas” (Razor Clams)9,60€
Grilled “Tallarinas” (Baby clams)14,00€
Creole sausage with chimichurri sauce7,50€
Croquettes (assorted) 6 units.7,80€
Provolone cheese with tomato7,50€
Broken eggs with ham or sausage7,90€
Spanish omelette5,90€
Tuna/meat stuffed eggplant8,50€


Garlic prawns8,80€
Garlic prawns, octopus & mushrooms9,90€
Bettered squids and little beans9,80€
Grilled “Butifarra” & white beans7,90€
Beef meatballs whit tomato sauce7,60€


Green salad5,90€
Green salad with tuna6,90€
Lentils salad6,90€
Sitges Xató8,90€
Karmela’s salad8,70€
Taboulé with mint



Asparagus with mayonnaise6,90€
Russian salad5,80€
Iberian Ham dish13,60€
Serrano ham dish9,60€
Cured cheese dish9,80€
Whitebait in vinegar7,50€
Anchovy “Del Cantábrico”8,50€
Seafood “salpicon” (Vinaigrette)8,70€
Iberian ham9,90€
Serrano ham7,80€
Salmon & low fat cheese8,90€
Eggplant & pepper7,90€
Goat cheese & tomato7,60€
Tuna & Pepper6,90€
Anchovy “Del Cantábrico”


Tomato bread3,50€
Stuffed olives2,30€
Extra bread portion0,70€